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Probate or Inherited?

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Inheriting a house is stressful for most people who already have a home. With an inherited house comes a whole new set of potential finacial problems. There are property taxes that have to be paid, expensive insurance for the house being vacant and month to month cost of repairs.

An inherited home also brings the stress of owning a property that isn't where you live. There are a million things that could go wrong with it and you would never know. Why put yourself through all that?

I hope you understand you do not have to wait until probate is completed to sell the property. You can sell now outside of most of the court red tape and cash out the asset with very little trouble at all.
This is one of the areas of real estate we are most passionate about as we've ran into many sellers (Personal Representatives/Executors) who were assigned to handle the estate and we're not aware of all of their options when it came to selling the real estate involved with the case.

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